Climate Change: Altering the Physics, Ecology, and Socioeconomics of Fisheries

Friday, February 18, 2011: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
207B (Washington Convention Center )
Global climate change is altering the physical and chemical conditions of the ocean. This in turn affects marine ecosystems in ways that ultimately exacts a toll on fisheries and human well-being. To ensure sustainable marine fisheries well into the future, we need to develop effective mitigation and adaptation strategies. These policies will require credible scientific assessments of the close linkages between the physical, ecological, and socioeconomic systems on which fisheries depend. Specifically, we need to forecast future ocean conditions based on climate change scenarios, and use this information to assess the biological and ecological responses to these changes. A global assessment is emerging that draws genuine linkages between these elements on several fronts, and in this symposium, we will present a series of tightly knit interdisciplinary papers that account for the entire spectrum from physical oceanographic changes on up to socioeconomic impacts as a result of climate change–altered fisheries. The panel will illustrate how projected climate changes will ultimately lead to global shifts in fish catches, from global to regional scales, and how this will affect the contribution of marine fishery resources to human welfare.
Rashid Sumaila, University of British Columbia
William W.L Cheung, University of East Anglia
Daniel Pauly, University of British Columbia
Daniel Pauly, University of British Columbia
Rashid Sumaila, University of British Columbia
Current Contribution of Global Fisheries to Human Welfare
Jorge Sarmiento, Princeton University
Effects of Climate Change on the Biophysics of the Ocean
William W.L Cheung, University of East Anglia
Climate Change and the Ecology of Fish and Fisheries
Vicky Lam, University of British Columbia
Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries and Human Welfare
Philippe Cury, Center for Mediterranean and Tropical Fisheries Research
Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Under Climate Change
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