3189 Current Contribution of Global Fisheries to Human Welfare

Friday, February 18, 2011: 8:30 AM
207B (Washington Convention Center )
Rashid Sumaila , University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
This presentation provides a baseline for understanding the
socio‑economic impacts of climate change on global fisheries by
presenting the current contribution of global fisheries to human
welfare, defined here as the sum of wages paid to fishers, the profits
made by fishing enterprises and payment to the resource owners, i.e.,
citizens of the world. Global marine resources currently contribute
significantly to human welfare through fishing, added value throughout
the economy, and through marine recreational activities. Nearly one
billion people worldwide, or close to 20% of the global population, rely
on fish as a primary source of animal protein. In total, millions of
people rely on global marine capture fisheries for jobs and income,
thereby contributing to the livelihoods of these people worldwide. In
this talk, I will provide estimates of the current incomes and wages
earned by fishers, profits made by fishing enterprises, economic rent
from the world's fisheries, and the contribution of marine fisheries to
the animal protein consumed by people globally. In addition, I will
estimate and present the loss in human welfare due to overfishing.
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