Perspectives on Research and Development in the President's FY 2012 Budget Request

Friday, February 18, 2011: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
146B (Washington Convention Center )
The federal budget plays a significant role in research and development (R&D) policy in the United States. Over 60 percent of R&D conducted at U.S. colleges and universities is funded by the federal government, and new initiatives and programs in the federal budget help to guide the direction of future R&D. The first Monday of February each year marks the release of the President's Budget Request and the start of public discussion on the priorities contained within. This session will take a first look at these priorities for fiscal year 2012 and their potential and intended effect on R&D, both domestically and abroad.
Patrick J. Clemins, AAAS Science and Policy Programs
Albert H. Teich, AAAS Science and Policy Programs
Patrick J. Clemins, AAAS Science and Policy Programs
R&D Investment in the FY 2012 Budget Request: A Preliminary Analysis
Kei Koizumi, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President
Perspectives from the Obama Administration
Dahlia Sokolov, U.S. House Committee on Science and Technology
Perspectives from Congress
Howard Gobstein, Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities
Perspectives from Academia
Jere Glover, Small Business Technology Council
Perspectives from Small Business
Manfred Horvat, Vienna University of Technology
Perspectives from the International Community
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