Think Global, Act Local: Science Diplomacy, Communication, and Advocacy

Saturday, February 18, 2017: 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Room 310 (Hynes Convention Center)
In an era of increasing connectivity driven by globalization, many nongovernmental and other social sector organizations are focused on partnerships with major international stakeholders as the most effective way to address global health issues in developing countries. However, for health security issues, these partnerships often lack a necessary connection between policymakers and local human and animal health experts. This session highlights how international organizations can leverage local partners’ knowledge and experience to develop solutions to health security challenges, including antimicrobial resistance and zoonotic disease surveillance. The session brings together a panel of young scientists from often-isolated parts of the world to identify major threats to local health security in their home countries, discuss the gaps between scientists and policymakers, and describe how their work helps to bridge this gap and promote health security. An open discussion with the audience about ways to improve collaboration between scientists and policymakers through enabling local solutions will follow.
Sanjana Patel, Health Security Partners
Jason Rao, Health Security Partners
Sanjana Patel, Health Security Partners
Tahir Hussain, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan
Science Advocacy for Sustainable Health Security Solutions
Laura Acevedo, National University of Asuncion
Science Communication Between Scientists, Policymakers, and the Public
Amir Seyedmousavi, Tehran University
Science Diplomacy for Advancing Health Security