Public Engagement with Science: What’s In It for Scientists?

Monday, 16 February 2015: 9:45 AM-11:15 AM
Room 210AB (San Jose Convention Center)
Across the country and around the world, more and more scientists are sharing science with the public. Scientists are volunteering in science classrooms, speaking at science cafes, interacting with visitors at science museums, mentoring students in their labs, leading activities at science festivals, and more. Traditionally, the focus has been on how this work benefits the students, the teachers, and the public. But scientists benefit, too. Representatives from a scientific society, a university, a science museum, and the evaluator of a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) project will share outcome data about the impact of these experiences on scientists. Given the diverse approaches and models, what similarities and differences are evident? Why do scientists choose to participate and what do they learn from their experiences? What limits their involvement and how can we encourage more scientists to become involved in outreach? Join us in discussing lessons learned and future directions in connecting scientists with the public.
Katherine Nielsen, University of California
Suzanne Gurton, Astronomical Society of the Pacific
AAS Astronomy Ambassadors: Putting a Fresh Face on Astrophysics
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