Personal Genetics: An Intersection Between Science, Society, and Policy

Saturday, February 16, 2013: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
Room 203 (Hynes Convention Center)
On 26 June 2000, scientists announced the completion of a rough draft of the human genome, the result of the $3 billion publicly funded Human Genome Project. In the decade since, the cost of genome sequencing has plummeted, coinciding with the development of deep sequencing technologies and allowing, for the first time, personalized genetic medicine. The advent of personal genetics has profound implications for society that are only beginning to be discussed, even as the technologies are rapidly maturing and entering the market. This symposium will focus on how the genomic revolution may affect our society in coming years and how best to reach out to the general public on these important issues. How has the promise of genomics, as stated early in the last decade, matched the reality we observe today? What are the new promises -- and pitfalls -- of genomics and personal genetics as of 2013? What are the ethical implications of easy and inexpensive human genome sequencing, particularly with regard to ownership and control of genomic datasets, and what stakeholder interests must be addressed? How can the scientific community engage with the public at large to improve understanding of the science behind these powerful new technologies? "The symposium will comprise six 15‑minute talks from representatives of relevant sectors (academia/ education, journalism, industry, medicine, ethics, and policy), followed by a 50‑minute panel discussion with the speakers.
Peter Yang, Harvard University
Brenna Krieger, Harvard University
and Kevin Bonham, Harvard University
James Thornton, Harvard University
Ting Wu, Harvard University
Personal Genetics and Education
Sheila Jasanoff, Harvard University
Citizenship and the Personal Genomics
Jonathan Gitlin, National Human Genome Research Institute
Personal Genomics and Science Policy
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