Toward Bridging the Duality of Science: Seed-Push, Issue-Driven, or "Encounter"?

Sunday, February 17, 2013: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
Room 300 (Hynes Convention Center)
Science is exploring the truth in nature and discovering scientific laws while offering possible scientific solutions for social issues and bringing economic benefits. Although these two functions underline the duality inherent to the science, they do not always seem to go together. How can we enable the scientific enterprise to fulfill its potential in pursuing the scientific truth, as well as in bringing about the actual benefits? To reconcile this duality of science, a variety of approaches have been taken in building research and development (R&D) strategy and agenda-setting -- for example, drawing pathways from existing R&D areas and/or technical assets to a future solution for social concerns (“seed-push”) or identifying specific scientific areas on which to focus in R&D programs through the profound observation of social issues (“issue-driven”). In the meantime, a new challenge has also been launched in which parallel efforts for promoting R&D and for identifying social issues (“encounter”) is another means to use both functions of science. In this session, academia, experts, and practitioners from the United States, Europe, and Japan are invited to introduce their perspectives and propose possible solutions on this theme. Through sharing information on their own approaches and views on challenges faced, this symposium will seek alternative ways to acknowledge and take further advantage of both functions of science.
Tateo Arimoto, National Graduate School for Policy Studies
Chikako Maeda, Japan Science and Technology Agency
and Yuko Harayama, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Yuko Harayama, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Kumi Okuwada, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy
Transformation of Foresight Activities Toward Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy
Daniel Sarewitz, Arizona State University
Outcome-Oriented Research and Development Strategy
Nobuhide Kasagi, Japan Science and Technology Agency
How We Can Direct and Link Scientific Research to Social Wishes
Barbara J. Sahakian, University of Cambridge
A Vision for Excelling in Mental Health and Well-Being
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