Community-Engaged Scholarship: Co-Producing Knowledge for Societal Impact

Friday, February 17, 2012: 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Room 214 (VCC West Building)
Increasingly, universities are addressing the complex issues we face here in Canada and around the world by engaging with key stakeholders outside of the academy. This engagement often takes the form of mutually beneficial partnerships that produce and apply knowledge. For the faculty involved, this means applying their expertise to real-world problems and collaborating with peers in other sectors who also bring their knowledge and wisdom to the table — a practice known as community-engaged scholarship (CES). For most universities, however, the incentives and supports needed for faculty to engage in this way are not in place across the campus. In particular, the system in place at most universities for faculty career advancement (promotion, tenure, and faculty development) has not kept pace with changing faculty roles. For example, the system often rewards faculty more for publishing a paper in an academic journal than for contributing to meaningful change such as improving science education, revitalizing rural economies, increasing food security, or reducing health disparities. This symposium draws on national initiatives in Canada and the United States that are working to advance CES through faculty development, changes in the promotion and tenure system, innovative peer review mechanisms, and community engagement. Through focused presentations, case studies, and discussion, participants will deepen their understanding and appreciation of CES and strategies for supporting it.
Sarena Seifer, University of Guelph
Sarena Seifer, University of Guelph
Linking Scholarship and Communities
Susan Gust, Community-Campus Partnerships for Health
Community-Based Participatory Research as a Strategy for Mobilizing Knowledge
Cathy Jordan, University of Minnesota School of Medicine
Disseminating Peer-Reviewed Products of Community-Engaged Scholarship
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