Monitoring Food Security: The Role of New Technologies

Friday, February 17, 2017: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Room 206 (Hynes Convention Center)
In the context of turbulent world agricultural markets, high food prices, and an estimated 800 million people suffering from chronic hunger, agricultural statistics are critical for economic and social development. This session highlights the importance of accurate and timely agricultural statistics for policymakers, helping increase food production, allocating scarce resources, and adapting to extreme weather situations. Speakers also address the use of newer technologies, such as remote sensing and drones, to monitor agricultural production and food security, and modern approaches to data collection in developing countries.
Barbara Rater, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Barbara Rater, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Michael Steiner, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Assessment of the Agricultural Information System
Jacques Delince, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
Use of Remote Sensing and Drones in Producing Agricultural Information
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