Global and Emerging Models for Participatory Technology Assessment

Monday, February 20, 2017: 9:00 AM-10:30 AM
Room 306 (Hynes Convention Center)
Yves Mathieu, Mission Publiques, Paris, France
Global and emerging models for participatory technology assessment.

The case of the European Research CIMULACT

‘Citizen and Multi-Actor Consultation on Horizon 2020’ engages more than 2000 citizens in 30 countries in Europe, along with a variety of other actors, in shaping a research agenda for Europe.

In short, CIMULACT (2015-2018):

  • Provides concrete and unique input to the identification of the future European research agenda by eliciting concerns about, wishes for and visions of desirable sustainable futures from 1000 citizens in 30 countries in Europe.
  • Makes the European research and innovation agenda relevant and accountable to society by engaging citizens, stakeholders and experts in co-creating research agendas based on real, validated and shared visions, needs and demands.
  • Contributes to responsible research and innovation (RRI) in the EU by promoting the engagement and inclusion of the public in the identification of desirable sustainable futures.
  • Sets a new standard for public participation through the development, testing, training and assessment of methods for citizen and stakeholder engagement.
  • Makes the building of the research agenda more accessible. It is no longer a question discussed only by policy makers and experts; it is a wider public conversation for a greater democracy and better society connected research (3000+persons involved in face to face meetings and 3000+ through online consultation).

Presenter : Yves Mathieu

Yves is co-director of Missions Publiques, an agency based in Paris (France), specialized in supporting political transitions and research programs with citizens and stakeholders participation. Missions Publiques is one core partners to the research consortium CIMULACT, led by the Danish Board of Technology (Copenhagen, Denmark – 2015 - 2018). Missions Publiques recently co-coordinated the global citizens debate on climate energy that brought the vision of 10.000 citizens from 76 countries to the process of the Paris agreement of the UNFCCC COP21 (World Wide Views) and a pan-European debate on the future of space exploration and exploitation for Europe (2016, European Space Agency). In 2016, Missions Publiques conducted participatory process with citizens and health professionals on breast cancer and immunization social acceptance (French Health Department).

More developments on Cimulact research programme :

Gudowsky, N. & Peissl, W. (2016) Human centred science and technology—transdisciplinary foresight and co-creation as tools for active needs-based innovation governance. European Journal of Futures Research 4: 8. doi:10.1007/s40309-016-0090-4