Local Preparedness and Emergency Response Policy Improvements – The Case of Agam Regency a

Saturday, February 13, 2016
Harkunti Pertiwi Rahayu, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia
Indonesia is very prone to earthquake and tsunamis, as it lies on the junction of most active tectonic-plates in the world. this PEER research project aims to improve local preparedness and emergency response policy in the face of near field tsunami by using the disaster risk assessment, logic model and social network analysis approaches.

The poster will exhibit the current achievement of this PEER project, i.e. comprehensively examined the current profile of tsunami risk of Agam Regency and Pariaman City of West Sumatera Province – Indonesia, the people behavior and response toward tsunami warning, and local government response policy.

The use of logic model approach was able to structure the people behavior and their mindset to response toward tsunami warning and other as well as to other soft and hard tsunami disaster risk reduction countermeasures. This model has been able to identify the gap between countermeasures intervention and people behavior, response and/or appreciation, which will be useful for the improvement of disaster risk reduction program strategy.

As part of the societal improvement, application of network theory using Social Network Analysis (SNA) is being conducted, to analyze the required improvement. Integral to this concern, empirical analysis on inter-relations and network among disaster management actors in the study area has been conducted in this first year project by examining in what ways did multiple disaster-related actors in West Sumatra obtain, utilize, and exchange information regarding tsunami early warning and what were the characteristics of network of information flow and multiple actors for coordination on current TEWS and what is needed to be adjusted for improvement.

To conclude, this poster will highlight the recommendation for the improvement of the local preparedness and emergency response policy for Agam Regency and Pariaman City for anticipating future tsunami.