Science for Haiti Reconstruction: Advances in Science and Science Education Capacity

Sunday, 15 February 2015: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Room LL21F (San Jose Convention Center)
Access to the benefits of scientific progress is a human right as important as any other, particularly in times of disaster. The devastating earthquake on 12 January 2010 in Haiti prompted a massive response from the international community. However, among the reports and plans that were brought forth by international organizations, science was conspicuously absent as an integral part of Haiti's future sustainable development and reconstruction efforts. In contrast, AAAS, through its Caribbean Division, held workshops in Puerto Rico and in Haiti in July 2010, attended by Haitian and international scientists, as well as school principals and members of the Haitian government’s commissions on education and information technology. The workshops’ report Science for Haiti: A Report on Advancing Haitian Science and Science Education Capacity was published June 2011. This session will present an update of current national and international efforts for advancing Haitian science and science education capacity, five years after the 2010 earthquake. Examples of successful collaborations will motivate a discussion on how to move forward to accompany Haitian scientists as they advance science for the benefit of the whole Haitian population. Among them, the Haitian Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology was established in 2011.
Jorge L. Colón, University of Puerto Rico
Jorge L. Colón, University of Puerto Rico
Gary Machlis, U.S. Department of the Interior Strategic Sciences Group
Patrick Attié, Higher School of Computer Electronics and Haitian Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology
MOOCs and Distance Learning for STEM Teaching in Haiti
Ilio V. Durandis, Haiti Bioscience Initiative
Science Education and Training for Sustainable Development in Haiti
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