The Digital Human Head: 3D Imaging and the Restoration of Craniofacial Function

Friday, 13 February 2015: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Room LL21A (San Jose Convention Center)
Advances in 3D imaging have revolutionized how clinicians approach both disease and the restoration of lost tissue in the human craniofacial complex. From teeth to bones to ears, 3D imaging technology now allows precise observation of the intricate structures within the human head and has generated new methods for the restoration of tissue. Innovation in 3D imaging is particularly critical to improving diagnosis and treatment planning to insure optimal functional outcomes. While a bionic head may be beyond our grasp, cutting-edge visualization allows for the computer-assisted manufacturer of customized tissue substitutes and replacements, some with function that is nearly identical to the lost tissue. This session will provide information about the latest developments in transformative 3D imaging technologies for the treatment of abnormalities and injuries to the craniofacial complex. The speakers will highlight the impact of this advancing technology on the care of patients.
Luisa Ann DiPietro, University of Illinois
Luisa Ann DiPietro, University of Illinois
Pravin Patel, University of Illinois
Craniofacial Surgery: The Long and Winding Road