Geospatial Innovations in Imaging Information Intelligently

Innovations in Imaging Earth
Sunday, 15 February 2015: 1:30 PM-4:30 PM
Room 210CD (San Jose Convention Center)
From integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping devices in automobiles to location tagging in web-based search engines, geospatial information permeates all aspects of 21st century society. The Information Age has become the “geospatial information” age -- information is ubiquitous in the modern digital world, and almost all of it is tagged by geospatial location. Therefore, it is imperative that students and the general public understand geospatial concepts and learn how to evaluate geospatial information. This symposium will include presentations from internationally recognized leaders in geospatial technologies as they pertain to education writ large, from public outreach to higher education. Specific themes will include cloud-based geographic information system (GIS) imaging for the general public, integrating GIS education into K-12 curricula, using virtual globes and full dome projection for distance learning and remote mapping of the natural world, and graphical literacy in geospatial imagery. Software will be available in the session so that attendees can interface with presentations using mobile devices, and each presentation will be followed by a discussion period for direct interaction between audience members and the experts. This session will encourage speakers and audience members to engage in a dialogue and push the envelope of how we integrate geospatial technologies and geospatial education into our curricula and outreach to the general public.
Steven Whitmeyer, James Madison University
Declan De Paor, Old Dominion University
Jennifer Piatek, Central Connecticut State University
Using GigaPans To Provide Interactive Access to Outcrops and Landscapes Remotely
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