Priorities and Strategies for Latin America

Sunday, 16 February 2014
Grand Ballroom C North (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
Gloria Bonder , FLACSO Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Technology production and innovation have emerged as central topics on the growth agenda of Latin America as well as being hot themes in current political and academic debates.

For some analysts, Latin America has emerged from the global financial crisis earlier and more vigorously than other parts of the world. Growth projections seem encouraging as well as challenging in a current scenario characterized by stable  democratic systems, but deep and chronic inequalities within and between countries and social groups. This context requires from governments the capacity to take advantage of this opportunity to design and carry out innovative and sustainable policies and programs. These will need to link science, technology and innovation with a broader and renewed conception of development that gives voice to the diversity of Latin America cultures, addresses poverty by the redistribution of wealth, and provides space for advancing gender equality with women's full participation.

The  presentation will give an overview of innovation policies in Latin America, particularly those promoting software production. Within this framework it will present the results of recent research on women in decision making positions in the software industry in three LA countries ( Argentina, Costa Rica and Colombia) . It will highlight both perceptions and interpretations of gender inequalities in IT industries, and their vision and need for policies and programs that encourage and support women's participation in technology creation. It will discuss how the research findings will contribute to the development of strategies and communication activities of the Latin America Focal point of GenderInSITE.