Racism in Post-Racial Obamerica

Friday, 14 February 2014
Regency B (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
Eduardo Bonilla-Silva , Duke University, Durham, NC
In 2008, many Americans as well as people all over the world believed the election of Barrack Obama represented a monumental change in American racial history. In this presentation, I will argue that his election was predictable and in line with the recent (last 40 years) racial history of the country.  To make my case, I will do three things. First, outline the basic components of the “New Racism,” the racial regime of Post-Civil Rights America. Second, describe “color-blind racism” or the dominant racial ideology of the nation. Third, explain how the Obama phenomenon fits the “New Racism” and “color-blind racism.” I will conclude my talk by suggesting what needs to be done to advance the struggle for racial justice in the USA.