Water Purification and Monitoring Under Minimal Resource Setting

Saturday, February 16, 2013: 1:30 PM-4:30 PM
Room 313 (Hynes Convention Center)
The symposium will focus on low-cost technological solutions and underpinning scientific challenges related to water purification and monitoring, particularly relevant to developing world and northern communities in North America. The proposed symposium will bring together leading scientists and technologists in water management, end users such as government bodies and municipalities, and also social scientists that will look at the implications of deployment of water monitoring technologies in the community level. The key scientific issues to be addressed include the use of processes occurring in nature for treatment of source water; developing efficient water treatment facilities with minimal use of energy; incorporation of advancement in micro- and nanotechnologies for water purification and monitoring; and finally the challenges faced by the emerging technologies in field-scale deployment and its uptake by the community.
Sushanta Mitra, University of Alberta
Thomas Thundat, University of Alberta
and Ni-Bin Chang, University of Central Florida
Alexander Zehnder, Nanyang Technological University
Solar Disinfection of Drinking Water
Hauke Harms, Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research
Arsenic Monitoring in Drinking Water
Jamie Bartram, University of North Carolina
Technology for Water and Health in Rural Setting
Greg Goss, University of Alberta Water Initiative
Meeting the Challenges of Clean Water Delivery to Small and Remote Communities
Bharat Lal, Center for Science and Environment
Excreta Matters: Paradigm Shift in Waste-Water Management