Invisible Men? Addressing the Participation of Minority Males in Science and Engineering

Saturday, February 19, 2011: 8:00 AM-9:30 AM
102B (Washington Convention Center )
This session will focus on declining participation of underrepresented minority males (African American, Hispanic, and Native American) in science and engineering at the K-16 levels. The session will look at the differences within and among specific underrepresented minority male populations. The speakers will share the latest research that addresses what are the factors that affect interest and performance of underrepresented minority males and how the impact of experiences in formal and informal educational settings can either inhibit or encourage continued interest in science and engineering. The session will seek to frame the approaches to investigating gender, race, and ethnicity-based factors that influence the learning and choices of underrepresented minority males. The session will then provide an overview of current approaches to addressing the increasing underrepresentation of minority males and the organizational models that may lead to science and engineering educational environments that are more equitable and inviting relative to gender at the K-16 levels.
Catherine Didion, National Academy of Engineering
Norman Fortenberry, National Academy of Engineering
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