Education, Science, and Innovation as Tools for New Engagement with the Islamic World

Friday, February 18, 2011: 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
145A (Washington Convention Center )
Across large parts of the Islamic world, there is a renewed ambition and investment in education, science, and innovation. While not without its challenges, this ambition brings some unexpected opportunities that, if embraced, could profoundly influence international relations and foreign policy in decades to come. Education, science and innovation are increasingly being recognized as key tools in repairing the growing misunderstanding and distrust between large parts of the Islamic world and the rest of the world. As countries like Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Qatar, and Malaysia develop and expand their scientific capacity, the opportunities for new partnerships and collaboration grow. In this context, how can we encourage key institutions and individuals in Europe, the United States, and across the Islamic world to engage in shared global challenges -- the crucial and collective role of education, science, and innovation in achieving sustainability, prosperity, and security? How can we use science to promote understanding amongst the next generation of leaders in research, government, academia, and business from the Islamic world, Europe, the United States, and beyond? What have been some of the outcomes and challenges in fostering international collaboration both within and outside the Islamic world? Discussion will draw on an exciting project being delivered by the Royal Society in a unique partnership with organizations from across the Islamic world, Europe, and North America.
Tracey Elliott, The Royal Society
Jason E. Rao, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Magdi Yacoub, Imperial College London
A Country in Focus: Egypt's Decade of Science
Abdul Hamid Zakri, Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia
Overshadowed by Oil: Reaching Out to Developing Countries in the Organization of the
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