Women and Men in the Scientific Work Force: Issues of Networks, Partners, and Ethics

Friday, February 19, 2010: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Room 16B (San Diego Convention Center)
Attention to gender-based issues in the academic science and engineering environment has addressed a range of issues critical to the attraction, retention, and advancement of women. This panel presents new and important empirical research on the setting in which women scientists work. In particular, it examines the environment in which women enter and work within academic science as well as the manner in which they approach their work. Drawing on detailed survey and interview data in three separate studies, the panel focuses on the gender differences in the structure and resources of the professional and career development networks of scientists as well as dual-career issues within the academic science environment. In consideration of gender differences in work, the panel also explores gender-based approaches to research ethics issues. In particular, it addresses these questions: How do the resources and structure of collaborative and career development networks in academic science differ by gender? How and why do dual couple hiring practices affect women in science? How and why do men’s and women’s approaches to broader ethical issues in science and engineering differ?
Julia E. Melkers, Georgia Institute of Technology
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