Food Allergies: The Enemy Within

Friday, February 19, 2010: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 6E (San Diego Convention Center)
Around 2 percent of adults (and 8 percent of children) suffer from food allergies across the globe. For some, the intake of even small amounts of an allergen can cause serious health problems -- some of which can be life-threatening. To date, there is no effective treatment available. Science provides the basis for food safety, while legislation ensures that appropriate controls are made to protect consumers. Incidences of food allergies appear to be increasing, and some argue that consumer fear and avoidance of certain foodstuffs may actually contribute to this increase. The symposium's scope will range from suitable analytical methodology for the detection of allergen traces to policy requirements, health issues, and communication.
Doris Florian, JRC Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements
Aidan Gilligan, European Commission, Joint Research Center (JRC)
Simon Cox, Media Wise
Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Stefano Luccioli, FDA, Office of Food Additive Safety, CFSAN
Protecting the Consumer: Allergen Exposure Risks and the Food Label
Andrew Clark, National Health Service Trust
Taking on Food Allergies: A Cure Within Our Grasp?
Krzysztof Maruszewski, JRC Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements
Detecting Food Allergens: The Best Analytical Tools for the Job
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