2493 Changing the Game in Nuclear Energy

Sunday, February 21, 2010: 3:10 PM
Room 9 (San Diego Convention Center)
John Parmentola , General Atomics, La Jolla, CA
Current approaches to nuclear energy utilization are dominated by single pass through light water reactors. In 50 years, nothing new has come from this approach and the under utilization of nuclear energy as an abundant carbon-free source of energy in the U.S. is a direct consequence of this.  Promising innovative approaches to nuclear energy utilization that directly address the economic, waste disposal, non-proliferation, energy security and human dimension issues of nuclear energy are emerging.  These show great promise in advancing the acceptance of nuclear energy as a viable and abundant source of energy for future generations.  One of these, the Energy Multiplier Module, will be briefly described in the context of these important issues.
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