Scientists in the Classroom

By Invitation Only
Wednesday, February 15, 2017: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Hampton (Sheraton Boston Hotel)
AAAS Education and Human Resources staff are convening a one-day meeting for groups and individuals who regularly bring scientists into classrooms, AAAS members, and local scientists who want to engage with K-12 students but who are not currently connected to a program, teachers open to working with scientists, and funders. Attendees will increase knowledge and understanding of teacher-scientist partnership models and community, learn about new resources applicable to their efforts, learn new ideas for overcoming challenges, and make new connections with colleagues in the field. The agenda will include panels that provide examples of successful partnerships differentiated by organizer/provider, e.g., university, school district, individual, nonprofit, and business, and discuss successful strategies related to elements that can make or break partnerships: recruiting scientists, schools, and teachers; building relationships with all participants; evaluating programs; training scientists; and funding. Lightning talks, roundtable discussions, and networking opportunities will be designed to engage all participants. Information about programs that are now active will be collected and shared on Trellis, an online communication platform developed by AAAS.
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