Sunday, February 19, 2017
Exhibit Hall (Hynes Convention Center)
Jing Li, Zhu Hai City Polytechnic, Zhuhai, China
This paper aims to construct knowledge ontology namely the terminology system through double chessboards so as to display the popular version on super brains think-tank, which reflects the intelligence of interdisciplinary, cross-field and cross-industry both practical and effective. The basic steps of the method are as follows: The first step is to extract the core knowledge ontology of the experts by building up big data center of experts' research results. The second step, is to construct the popularity of knowledge base formed with the help of double chessboards in the human-computer interaction and specially-silly programming environment as convenient conditions of development. The third step, is to use the way of financial chess spectrum to extract the experience of financial experts,pooling them through the convenience of human-computer interaction interface. Specific examples of its typical practice, at least involving: the founders and representatives of various milestones, in particular, collectors or synthesizer, taken them into the think tank, by using the typical research results with "abstract from summary" approach. Thus, to ensure that the integrity, authority and practicality of the financial chess spectrum, the most important thing is that the precise reusing can be targeted. The result is:the financial chess spectrum from the experts both of financial theory and financial practice,in the most popular way, targeted to mobilize that it is most suitable for repeated using, within the knowledge center, which can ensure that the best reuse of the big data of summary, and knowledge management. Specific performance, financial chess spectrum system, as a popular version of super-brains think tank, can assist users to achieve accurate query and correct decision-making. The significance lies in: accumulation process of financial chess spectrum, can not only systematically summed up the intellectual work results by the financial professional teachers and students and practitioners, but also play the positive role in the field of financial experts and practitioners, especially the actual operation. It can ensure the vitality of the think tank within these times.