Saturday, February 18, 2017
Exhibit Hall (Hynes Convention Center)
Ruixin Han, Beijing Industry University, Beijing, China
The purpose of this paper is to exhibit the synergistic effect of machine translation with generalized bilingual chess spectrum. The method is: First of all, play a efficient role of machine translation, highlighting the high efficiency of its algorithm and computer-aided. In addition, simplify machine translation by using the bilingual chess spectrum in double chessboards, highlighting the accuracy of thinking and natural people advantage to help the system. Then, be a sign of collaborative translation in human-computer interaction, highlighting the cooperation between man and machine to promote translation. And finally completed, its success, namely:exhibit the synergistic effect of machine translation with generalized bilingual chess spectrum through machine translation and double chessboards paired, and improve knowledge module finishing systematically, not just fragmented machine translation or human translation, also not only limited into information island isolated, Instead, human-computer interaction is continually being improved by using super-system optimization. As a result, the bilingual think tank can ensure not only language comprehension in the way finishing knowledge module, but also knowledge acquisition and expression formalized accuracy and repeatability. Its significance is: the beneficial effect of synergistic translation, not only to highlight machine translation algorithm is superior, but also to highlight advantage of double chessboards both in combination and clustering and in two aspects of human-computer interaction, namely : on the one hand, the order and position of words can be reorganized to satisfy the respective custom expression characteristics for bilinguals, and on the other hand, the specific entries can be chosen, i.e., the special advantages in the bilinguals are played on the precise selection of a series of attributes or classes.