Sunday, February 19, 2017
Exhibit Hall (Hynes Convention Center)
Hanxing Wang, Zhu Hai City Polytechnic, Zhuhai, China
This paper aims to explore how the emergency safety knowledge management on cloud servers and intelligence terminal to establish five kinds of main bodies all win pattern by using both money and smart. The central method is: First of all, achieve the organic combination between strategic cognition of all win situation pattern and accuracy marketing behavior of landing channel. Furthermore, on the one hand, it is necessary to clarify the scientific mechanism of two directions interaction between capital and wisdom, management and education; on the other hand, to put into practice on corresponding security materials and products and tools as an example to establish five kinds of main bodies all win pattern. Finally, optimize the supply chain and its production supply side,through "planning and design with crowd sourcing" approach, taking into account the other four types of main bodies, of which the integration of the parties formed a great wisdom, coordinate the five kinds of main bodies, through "group purchase and public financing" approach, address the conflict between short-term market weakness and long-term precision. The result is that not only systematically combed the various types of the title in the easy to confuse for security pile or safety pile, but also the link or combination between the hardware-based carrier intelligence and the software-based double chessboards understanding has been found in this process. The significance is that not only find the safety pile market development space, but also find the whole body of the smart urban and rural areas on the problem of system engineering focus, and also a point-cut. In other words, how can the cloud servers and intelligence terminal of the emergency safety knowledge management establish the five main subjects win pattern, then,through a series of knowledge management to build all walks of life in all win pattern namely win-win model.