Saturday, February 18, 2017
Exhibit Hall (Hynes Convention Center)
Shunpeng Zou, China University of Geosciences(Beijing), Beijing, China
The purpose of this paper is to realize the human - computer interaction by using the Chinese character chessboard and Chinese language chessboard spectrum, to optimize the interpersonal communication, and to further reveal the formalized hub of human intelligence and artificial intelligence as well as its scientific principles. The formal pivot was clearly combed out into dual approaches, five levels and seven milestones, in "Two Major Categories of Formalized Strategy", which has paved the road for the construction of human-computer interactive "digital bilingual chessboard spectrum,"the specific double matrix constructed by numbers and characters, it contained deep-seated scientific principles. The basic steps of this method are as follows: The first step, depict the ideal blueprint. It is visible from the seven milestones that the ideal blueprint in the near future starts from the break of the fifth milestone. The second step, construct its theoretical model.Through the dual approaches and five levels, it can be seen that the theoretical model is successfully built from the creation of the second formal approach. The third step, produce its software model.From the process of structuring, formalization and automation, on the abstract of summary big data, it can be seen that digital bilingual chessboard spectrum is the key. The result is:the basic implementation of its specific application will allow the teachers and students of liberal arts, science and engineering to understand and participate in the corresponding activities. The specific approach is to process abstracts of summary big data to construct or to participate in the construction of expert knowledge bases, especially by using the structured, formalized and automated abstract of summary big data or Think Tank. Teachers and students can play their respective roles in the language, knowledge and software three systems engineering. The significance is that from point to surface we can not only understand certain information, but can also put into action.The specific manifestations include a series of pilot projects and all aspects of application. Recently, the most prominent systematic application is to popularize it for the thinking, memory and communication between persons, especially for academic and artistic exchanges. Meanwhile, it can also be used for computer as bilingual information processing, storage and interaction, and significantly improve human intelligence labor efficiency and the quality of artificial intelligence software. In particular, it can play a role in computer-aided education and research, services, leading social development, international exchanges, cultural heritage and innovation, etc.