Which Fertilizer Works The Best?

Friday, February 12, 2016
Hannah Fleischer, Adams Central Jr./Sr. High School, Hastings, NE
Rachel Kort, Adams Central Jr./Sr. High School, Hastings, NE
Many people don’t know what kind of fertilizer to use when planting and maintaining their plants. This experiment looked at which fertilizer worked best under controlled conditions. We used three different fertilizers and put each one into a separate pot and let the plants grow for three months. Throughout the course of those three months, we observed and recorded data on how the plants were growing. We also watered them periodically. We also did an additional experiment using petri dishes. Before we could grow the plants, we dissolved the fertilizers in water to make it easier for the filter discs to absorb the fertilizers. We grew 15 seeds per each fertilizer. We let the seeds grow for one week. After the week was over, we measured and recorded the shoot and root lengths of each seed. At the end of our experiment, we found that our results disagreed with our hypothesis. The Espoma Organic fertilizer actually produced the best results over the Miracle-Gro and Earl May brands, going against our previous notion of Miracle-Gro being the most effective fertilizer.