The Importance Of Modern Technology in Learning the New Geographical Developments

Saturday, February 13, 2016
Ahmed Jehd III, The Ministry of Education, ERBIL, Iraq
Background:This poster is intended to know the reality of the employment of modern technologies in secondary education service, and the difficulties faced by middle school students in cartography and geographic material, which is an attempt to get to know the importance of the use of geographic sensor information systems and remote sources of spatial data among students programs, and how to use them in the design and production Geographical maps, noting that there is a lack of awareness of technologies and geographical importance and requires the other hand provided in schools laboratories for the benefit of students in the educational process. Today, the technical employment in the service of education in the modern school in our society need special inevitable with the orientations of the Iraqi Ministry of Education in the development of education in Iraq by employing modern techniques and the development of curricula and teaching tools. It reviews the most important Poster mapping programs. Methods: The training of these programs would create a strong base for the skills of students in mapping before moving on to the initial university study in geographical sections with weak skills in their departments outputs mapping stage. It will also be photos and charts on the most important global companies producing programs for the design and analysis of maps, and the most important websites spatial data open source. And display models for Web maps that can be used in the education process. It will be up to the dimensions of the label (98cm × 48cm) four colors. The posters display a succinct statement of major conclusions at the beginning, followed by supporting text in later segments and a brief summary at the end. Results: The use of mapping programs at this stage of education at the sixth preparatory students in geographical material will lead to: 1) improve the quality of education and the development of the capacity of drawing skills and the fight against illiteracy in the field of digital painting techniques with modern educational outlook, which is the focus of the learner's educational process; 2) lead to stimulate students' interest and satisfy their needs for learning then surely that various technical programs offer a variety of experiences that students achieve the objectives and interests them; 3) establish training lectures on modern technology programs at this stage to build a strong fundamental base of students in mapping a step towards the rehabilitation of the Undergraduate in geographical sections; 4) The modern methods if the best teacher use and determine the objective and explained in the mind of the student will lead to increase active participation in the acquisition of expertise and development capabilities to meditation and accurate observation this method leads to improving the quality of education and raise the level of performance of the students in the design and analysis of geographical maps and areas of subject matter.