Holistic Computing Risk Assessment: Privacy, Security, and Trust

Saturday, 14 February 2015: 1:30 PM-4:30 PM
Room LL20C (San Jose Convention Center)
The Internet of Things is the popular phrase that embodies the integration of digital networked technology with consumer physical goods. Risk assessment has not moved forward concurrently with the deep integration of digital networked technologies into the physical. In fact, the appropriate approach to cybersecurity risk assessment has not been agreed upon. Risk assessments that have focused on computing platforms are not systematically integrated with other dimensions, such as operator stress, disaster planning, or interaction of physical device failure with the larger physical realm. The use of threat assessment from the military domain would be best complemented by the science of risk assessment. The symposium panel brings together representatives of scientific disciplines most obviously needed for holistic assessment of cybersecurity, specifically psychology, risk assessment, and safety engineering. The computer scientists represent different arenas of computer security, specifically network security, user-centered security, and data security. The panel will discuss dimensions of computing security risk, data security, range of experimental methods, and the fit between the question and the method. The panel is particularly timely given the coetaneous focus in computer security in developing the science of cybersecurity.
L. Jean Camp, Indiana University
Diane Henshel, Indiana University
Diane Henshel, Indiana University
Cleotilde Gonzalez, Carnegie Mellon University
Human Decision-Making in Cyberspace
Nancy Leveson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Systems Approach to Safety and Security
Karl Levitt, University of California
Computer Security as Software Engineering
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