Correlating Properties of Nano-Building Blocks Via Hyperspectral Nano-Optical Imaging

Sunday, 15 February 2015: 3:00 PM-4:30 PM
Room LL21A (San Jose Convention Center)
This symposium introduces recent nano-optical advances and novel approaches for correlating the function of nanoscale building blocks with local structure and composition using hyperspectral nanoimaging. Nanobuilding blocks have provided the scientific and technological community with a wide variety of revolutionary material properties. The grand challenge to establishing design rules for the nanoscale world is to correlate, at relevant length scales, the morphology of these nano building blocks with the physical and chemical properties that result from their assembly within scientifically significant environments. Properties accessible with optical spectroscopy are of specific interest: local chemical functionality and biochemical processes are now being accessed by nano-Raman and infrared spectromicroscopy; optoelectronic properties in light harvesting/emitting and plasmonic materials are probed by spectroscopically analyzing emitted light from zeptoliter volumes; and dynamic processes can be interrogated at the nanoscale using time-resolved tip-enhanced spectroscopy. This symposium will feature leading scientists transforming biological and materials science with next-generation nanoimaging techniques and multidimensional datasets.
P. James Schuck, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Alexander Weber-Bargioni, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jordan Gerton, University of Utah
Manipulating Light in 3+1 Dimensions Using Sharp Tips
Markus B. Raschke, University of Colorado
The SINS of Antennas, Plasmons, and Phonons