Gender Equality in the Knowledge Society: Better Analysis Through Better Information

Sunday, 15 February 2015: 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Room 210EF (San Jose Convention Center)
In the Americas, gender imbalance exists at all levels of science and technology (S&T) education, employment, and application. Males outnumber females in technical and vocational education, while the number of women in S&T falls steadily from secondary school to university, research, teaching, and leadership in nearly all countries. There are consistently low levels of women in the technology workforce in the private sector, with even fewer females in senior management. Knowledge of the extent and depth of these gaps is incomplete in most countries. With the exception of the United States, countries in the region collect little sex-disaggregated data in science, technology, and innovation. Little longitudinal data exist, and few data are comparable across national borders. A series of comparative studies in Brazil, Mexico, the United States, and Canada assessed the representation of women in national science and innovation sectors in selected countries. Quantitative and qualitative data were used to analyze participation of females at different levels. The status of sex-disaggregated data, policies, and other factors to support participation was analyzed: programs, financial support, and work-life balance. The project takes a comparative analysis across countries to assess key factors for promoting the participation of women. Researchers from three countries will present results of the assessments and provide recommendations for better data, information collection, and analysis.
Sophia Huyer, Women in Global Science and Technology
Ylann Schemm, Elsevier
Sophia Huyer, Women in Global Science and Technology
National Assessments on Gender and STI: An Overview
Alice Abreu, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
National Assessment of Gender and STI in Brazil
Judith Zubieta, National Autonomous University of Mexico
National Assessment of Gender and STI in Mexico
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