From the Eyes of a Developer: Best Approaches to Teaching Programming

Open to all registrants
Saturday, 14 February 2015: 1:00 PM-2:00 PM
Room 210H (San Jose Convention Center)
Programming in elementary and secondary schools is becoming commonplace. In the future, software developers and data scientists won’t be the only ones coding. Coders will be engineers, chemists, biologists, business analysts, public relation specialists, and more. How can we incorporate programming into curriculum to expose students to this extremely important skill? In this workshop, we’ll focus on best practices for teaching programming to high school students, learned from four years of hosting summer programs. Also, we’ll elaborate on how to tie programming to real-world applications that span the curriculum. The next generation of scientists will see programming as a tool to advance science, and that starts with their early education.
Krista Peterson, Wolfram Research
Erin Craig, Wolfram Research