Possibility of trouble to the lifestyle behavior on the lack of sleep in young people

Saturday, 14 February 2015
Exhibit Hall (San Jose Convention Center)
Shigeka Shioji, Jissen Women's University, Tokyo, Japan
The past few years, disturbance of the lifestyle behavior of young people has been a problem in Japan. Among them, a hindrance to daily life due to lack of sleep, and the like. Eight hours of sleep per day is optimal in general, how many people would you're taking enough sleep really. The While work at night there are many, it has become convenient, it is to be pointed out health problems in modern globalized. Tend to be rather than the exception, sleep time is running low in activity until midnight also young people in high school, lifestyle problems of young people are concerned. By using the online questionnaire server of Tokyo University, does not make a whole described in the terminal room or the like of each educational institution, 651 people of 20 years old the first half from 14 years in this study is valid responses from them male: 289, female:362. There was no significant difference in the pattern for sleep among high school and college students as a result. Was in the state of sleep almost the same level, although they are tended of nocturnal life prone to sleep deprivation it. In this study, has been presented that it is classified by evaluating the five stages of sleep questionnaire results, nocturnal life becomes inactive students as a result of chronic sleep deprivation.