Establishment of a platform to identify the truncated RNA by RARE

Saturday, 14 February 2015
Exhibit Hall (San Jose Convention Center)
Chao-Lin Liu, Ming Chi University of Technology, New Taipri, Taiwan
RNA is the mediator between DNA and protein. It is transcribed from DNA when necessary and then degraded shortly. According to the features, RNAs are classified as snRNA, siRNA, mRNA, tRNA, rRNA and so on. It plays an important role in maintaining the cell functions. RNA posses the enzyme functions in post-transcription modification, itself splicing as well as the increase of telemere repeats. Most RNAs are highly correlated with protein synthesis. During the protein synthesis, rRNA is the main component of ribosome, the synthesis platform; tRNA is the carrier of amino acid; and mRNA is the template coding the condon. Recently, several abnormal proteins were identified and correlated with disease development. However, the nucloetide sequences might show no difference between patients and healthy persons, indicating the presence of truncated RNA. In the current project, a rapid amplification RNA ends (RARE) was designed and served as a platform to identify the truncted RNA. It was verified in the cells treated with an shRNA targeting a known sequence. Both 5’ and 3’ ends of RNA were successfully identified. Currently, such platform is applied to identify the truncted RNAs in autoimmune diseases and tumors, and a few of target have been identified.