Techniques to Help People Overcome Homonomous Hemanopia

Friday, 13 February 2015
Exhibit Hall (San Jose Convention Center)
Jamie A. Knight, Central City, NE
Homonymous Hemianopia (HH) is a condition where the nasal half of vision of one eye and the temporal half of the other becomes defective. This project helps victims of HH by creating ways to overcome it through simple techniques. Activities that this experiment focuses on are reading, catching a ball, and pouring liquid. I hypothesized that turning the paper 90° would increase the reading speed and turning the head to the side of impairment would increase the ability to catch a ball and pour liquid for a person with HH. For my experiment I timed the participants while reading, tossed a ball to them, and then had them pour water from a pitcher into a cup. After this was completed, the participants repeated these activities with the HH glasses on. These HH glasses have the outside half of the left eye and the inside half of the right eye painted black. The last part of my experiment was having the participants do these activities with the HH glasses on and adding simple techniques to help improve the production of these activities. The results of this experiment show that the techniques were effective in increasing the reading speed and ability to catch a ball and pour liquid for a person with HH. If I were to do this experiment again I would conduct more trials to make the data more accurate. The findings of this experiment can be helpful in therapeutic settings to help a person suffering from this condition.