The Super Problems of AI: Resolved by Using the Ability of the Third Brain

Sunday, 15 February 2015
Exhibit Hall (San Jose Convention Center)
Zou Shunpeng IV, Higher Education and English Teaching at China University of Geosciences (Beijing), China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Beijing, China
This paper aims to expound the proposition: why need to solve the super problems of artificial intelligence from stong AI or weak AI to the Third Brain between human and machine? As is known to academic circles, whether confirmed or falsified, scientific experiments and social investigation as two basic scientific methods that should be different from rational analysis and ideal experiment by logic in philosophy, through a series of specific conditions or constraints, some of philosophical questions could be turned into a series of scientific problems with two kinds of formall strategies or methods. One of these formal methods has the characteristics within three types of system engineering on language, knowledge and software. It can be called the Third Brain between human brain and computer or smart phone or other artificial intelligence device. Its specific practices like that, on the one hand, that would be limited into three kinds of "twin Turing machine" as formal data used and reused both in the symmetric matrices mathematically, on the other hand,that would be limited into three kinds of bilingual such as English and Chinese, arithmetic and Chinese, experts terms and popular proverb for user to operate collaboratively for a series of large and small matrices composed of both arithmetic numbers and Chinese words. As a result, the authors found that the digital board follows the principle of arithmetic matrix and that the writing character board in Chinese follows the principle of Chinese character matrix. The same principle can be converted into three kinds of logic namely formal logic, mathematical logic and the order-location logic as three kinds of logical form, even though they are equivalent to each other, but gradually convergence step by step. The principle within the double boards or matrices should be for the performance of such characteristics not only to follow the rule of matrix but also to follow the law of symmetry. Its conclusion is to solve the super difficult problems within the two kinds of artificial intelligence such as the Turing test for strong AI and the Chinese Room for weak AI by that would need highly collaborative and reasonable division of works between human brain and computer which is described as the ability of the Third Brain. Specifically that would be called the three kinds of bilingual information processing ability on synergy of English and Chinese, arithmetic and Chinese, experts terms and the popular proverb, and that can be achieved the three types of systems engineering method on synergy of language, knowledge, and software.