Teen Cafés: Innovative Model for Effective Science Communication with Key Demographic

Sunday, 16 February 2014: 8:00 AM-9:30 AM
Toronto (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
The Teen Science Café Network is a growing community creating opportunities for teens to learn from experts about science and technology that is changing their world. Teen cafés are informal, interactive programs that promote exploration, creativity, and lifelong learning. Like adult science café programs, teen café programs are highly successful because they engage teens in conversation with scientists. What is different is the added opportunity for hands-on explorations in science and technology. The programs provide teens a rich perspective on the nature of science and a picture of scientists as real people leading interesting lives, which has been a key influencer of positive attitudes about careers in science. This session focuses on key elements for success with teen cafés: coaching scientists in public communication and helping them think in new ways about the significance of their own research; engaging teens as leaders of their programs to instill ownership and better ensure the programs are relevant; and infusing hands-on exploration and other interactive elements. The Teen Science Café Network is a dynamic, mutually supportive community helping organizations that wish to start their own teen café. This session will feature current participants in the Network to discuss key aspects of the teen café model, relate their personal experience in the program, and provide guidance on starting teen café programs.
Michelle Hall, Science Education Solutions Inc.
Michelle Hall, Science Education Solutions, Inc.
Michael Mayhew, Science Education Solutions Inc.
Carolyn Noe, Academy of Science
Instilling Youth Leadership in a Teen Café
Stacey Forsyth, Science Discovery, University of Colorado, Boulder
Developing Teen Café Programming for Diverse Audiences
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