Innovation in Community Deployment of Water Technologies

Saturday, 15 February 2014: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
Columbus CD (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
The symposium focuses on innovation associated with the deployment of low-cost water monitoring and water treatment solutions for communities, particularly relevant to developing countries and within developed countries with a limited resource setting. Historic data suggest that in most cases a mere technology-focused solution has failed or has minimal uptake in communities. The symposium brings together leading scientists and technologists in water management, end users like government, municipalities, public health officials, non-governmental organizations, and social scientists to discuss innovative strategies for deployment of water technologies that are sustainable, environment friendly, and create “healthy communities.” Key scientific issues  include the use of local solutions and know-how for water management; a holistic approach toward the supply-demand of the water market and community focus technology development cycle; and the challenges faced by the emerging technologies in field-scale deployment and its uptake by the community.
Sushanta Mitra, University of Alberta
Thomas Thundat, University of Alberta
Alexander Zehnder, Nanyang Technological University
Lessons Learned from Eliminating Arsenic from Drinking Water in Indo-China
Konrad Siegfried, Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research
Deployment of Water Technologies in Disparate Landscapes: Germany and Bangladesh
Jamie Bartram, University of North Carolina
Community Management Plus: Water Technologies for Rural Communities
Amit Sengupta, Medical and Health Outreach, Chattisgarh
Technology Uptake in Tribal Areas of India: A Case Study
Susan Dahinten, University of British Columbia
Public Health Impact on Deployment of Water Technologies
Greta L. Zornes, ConocoPhillips Canada
Water Recycle/Reuse in India