Convergence Science: A Revolution for Health Solutions

Saturday, 15 February 2014: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
Comiskey (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
In the area of biomedical research, breakthrough potential lies at the intersection of the life sciences, the physical sciences, and engineering. This deliberate collaboration, known as convergence science, has inspired leading U.S. research institutions—including Stanford University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Harvard University, University of Michigan, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology—to develop dedicated multidisciplinary centers on their campuses. Convergence science examines the promising yet uncharted areas of cell-based therapeutics, nanobiotechnology, engineering approaches to microbial threats, imaging at all scales, immunoengineering, and microbiome engineering. The first portion of this session will discuss the promise and challenges of the convergence approach and, specifically related to health, the integration of digital medical records and social media for patients. Breakout sessions will then enable in-depth discussions on the challenges faced by universities in the structural design of such research centers, the financial and technological barriers to joint research endeavors, the promise of precision medicine and the integration of digital medical records and social media for patients, and an integrated approach for how convergence might fit into the U.S. scientific funding and biomedical research portfolio.
Joseph M. DeSimone, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Amanda J. Arnold, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
and Maggie Lloyd, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Susan J. Hockfield, Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy
Joseph M. DeSimone, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Mega Convergence: Science, Engineering, and Beyond
Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University
University Convergence Institutes
Belinda Seto, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering
Convergence Technologies on the Horizon
Dennis A. Ausiello, Massachusetts General Hospital
The Practical Application of Convergence for Health
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