Defining Core Competencies in Science Communication

Friday, 14 February 2014
Columbus AB (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
Bruce V. Lewenstein , Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Science communication describes everything from manuscript and grant-writing to engaging public audiences through media interviews, public lectures, science-art installation, social media presence, citizen science activities, and more.  Accomplishing communication goals in this wide range of settings requires a broad set of theoretical understanding and practical skills. New understandings of the science of science communication and the tools of new media are among the necessary topics to address. Yet to judge the success of communication training, we need to be able to assess across the set of ideas and skills. This talk will define core competencies that training should achieve, knowledge and skills that can be measured in useful ways. These competencies include knowledge of the science communication system, understanding of communication and engagement opportunities, specific communication skills, and conceptual understanding of learning science in informal environments.