Astrobites: An Online Research Digest for Undergraduates

Sunday, February 17, 2013
Auditorium/Exhibit Hall C (Hynes Convention Center)
Nathan E. Sanders , Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Christopher Faesi , Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Courtney Dressing , Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Zachary Slepian , Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Astrobites ( is an innovative education initiative developed by graduate students in astrophysics for an undergraduate audience.  Our goal is to help undergraduates make the transition from the classroom to careers in research by introducing them to the astronomical literature in a pedagogical, approachable, and comprehensible way..  Every day we select one new journal article posted to the astrophysics preprint server ( and prepare a brief summary describing methods and results, explain jargon, and provide context. We also write regular blog posts containing career advice, such as tips for applying for fellowships or demystifying the publishing process.  The articles are written by 30 graduate students in astrophysics from throughout the US and Europe and are read by 1000 daily readers worldwide, including undergraduates, researchers, and interested non-scientists.