7058 Sound Bites and Talking Heads: What's Mainstream Media Ever Done for Us?

Sunday, February 19, 2012: 3:00 PM
Room 213 (VCC West Building)
Fiona Fox , Science Media Center, London, United Kingdom
Exposure to the public eye through mainstream media coverage can be an uncomfortable prospect for many researchers. Attempts to engage scientists on controversial issues often meet with strong resistance, whether based on legitimate concerns over misrepresentation and potential fallout, failing to see the point, or simple lack of media experience and confidence. But what happens when scientists decide to tune out? Drawing on over a decade of front-line experience at the UK Science Media Centre, this talk will examine where poorly-thought out media interactions have exposed real pitfalls for researchers, and how these might have been avoided. We'll also offer examples of how scientists' input can make a crucial difference in the way important topics are reported in the mainstream press.
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