6312 Large Water Pumped Energy Storage and Grid Integration Project from Ireland

Friday, February 17, 2012: 1:00 PM
Room 110 (VCC West Building)
Igor Shvets , Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
It is globally recognized that energy drives the world’s economies. However, we must make the transition to energy sources that are secure, reliable, carbon neutral, and do not perturb our climate to ensure global economic and social growth and wellbeing. Renewable energies, as well as being our most abundant forms of energy, address all these issues. However, there are glaring problems with renewable energy: intermittency and variability. Renewable energy is not reliable in terms of being available on demand. To rectify this problem, reliable energy storage solutions must be found to address intermittency concerns and to ease the integration of renewable energy into existing power grids. This symposium will present attendees with the state-of-the-art in large scale energy storage. All the viable technology options will be considered. The first two speakers will present a European and US perspective on current and future energy storage and grid integration issues. The third speaker will present results of one specific project: the world’s largest water pumped energy storage and grid integration project from Ireland, currently under planning. The Irish case study will present innovative steps that will make it possible for Ireland to exploit its natural wind resources and become an important element in European energy security. The symposium will add to the global debate regarding the future of renewable energy and its potential to replace fossil fuels.
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