5801 Quantum Information Theory: Applications and Challenges

Saturday, February 18, 2012: 2:00 PM
Room 212 (VCC West Building)
J. Ignacio Cirac , Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Garching, Germany
Quantum information is a multidisciplinary field of research whereby
some of the basic concepts of Quantum Physics are exploited in order to process
and transmit information in novel ways. During the last years, this
field of research has experienced a very impressive progress, both in
theory and experiment. In particular, today it is possible to manipulate
single and few quantum systems (like atoms, ions, electrons or photons),
in order to test the basic principles lying behind quantum information
sience. This has triggered new ideas about possible applications in this
scenario. At the same time, some of the mathematical tools and concepts
originally developed in the context of quantum information have found applications in
other areas of Physics. In particular, both the physical systems available
today, as well as those new theoretical tools, offer us completely
new ways to investigate many-body quantum problems that appear in other
branches of science and, in particular, simulate the behavior of certain
condensed matter systems which cannot be described with any
other available method. In this talk I will review this new field of
research, and mention its applications as well as it major challenges.