Publication Without Borders: Spanning Countries, Disciplines, Audiences, and Roles

Saturday, February 19, 2011: 8:00 AM-9:30 AM
145A (Washington Convention Center )
Borders of various types often bound scientific publication. Many journals publish research only from their own country or region, and papers in these journals commonly remain unknown elsewhere. Many journals publish research in a single discipline or subdiscipline, and many researchers rarely read outside their disciplines, even if the content pertains to their work. Writings used in teaching science remain largely separate from writings reporting new science. Researchers and publication professionals typically occupy highly distinct roles. Today, though, communication of scientific research is spanning conventional borders. This symposium will feature presentations from three entities with endeavors in this regard. The first is an international, interdisciplinary journal that has partnerships with developing-country journals, offers scientific-writing workshops worldwide, and provides lessons for high school and college teaching. The second entity is a set of projects helping journals in Africa and Asia to publish online and increase their quality, thus increasing the visibility and credibility of the research reported. The third is a set of publication activities of an international, interdisciplinary research program; it includes staffing expeditions not only with scientists but also with a publication professional. The discussion period will include opportunity for audience members to note activities of their own that push the borders of scientific publication.
Barbara Gastel, Texas A&M University
Barbara Gastel, Texas A&M University
Banalata Sen, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Environmental Health Perspectives: An Interdisciplinary Journal Reaches Out
Sara Gwynn, International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications
The Journals Online Projects: Adding Visibility to Developing-Country Research
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