Communication Outside the Box

Friday, February 18, 2011: 8:00 AM-9:30 AM
143AB (Washington Convention Center )
This session features four very successful working examples of thinking and doing “science communication outside the box” with both a multidisciplinary and international flavor. The aim is to illustrate what creativity and ingenuity can achieve, how they can be practically put into action, and the results that can be attained: The Naked Scientists Online BBC science radio program and podcast, which uses streamed audio and podcast technology for science news being discussed by scientists and researchers; bringing art, design, and science together in optimizing imagery at the molecular level in research and in creating images for public engagement and communication; scientists working with high school students on projects to be carried out in developing countries in “Imagine,” providing practical solutions to real needs and learning exercises and, in generating strong emotions, attracting the interest and support of policy-makers, funders, and the media; and The Triple Helix, the completely student-run global forum for science in society with chapters at 14 North American and 3 European, Asian, and Australian universities dedicated to an international approach to evaluating the interplay between science and society.
Michel Claessens, European Commission
David Bennett, Delft University of Technology
and Richard Jennings, University of Cambridge
Brian Heap, European Academies Science Advisory Council
Michel Claessens, European Commission
and James Shepherd, University of Cambridge
Chris Smith, University of Cambridge
The Naked Scientists
Rikke Schmidt Kjśrgaard, Harvard Medical School
Science, Art, and Visual Communication
Patricia Osseweijer, Delft University of Technology
Imagine: An Innovative Approach to Science Communication
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