3992 Physics and Astronomy Education for Middle School Through Graduate School

Sunday, February 20, 2011: 9:00 AM
102A (Washington Convention Center )
Bruce Mason , ComPADRE Digital Library, Norman, OK
The goal of the ComPADRE Pathway of the National STEM Digital Library is to bring together learning resources, teaching experiences, and physics education research to promote physics and astronomy learning for a diverse array of audiences. Making connections between existing tools, techniques, and learning outcomes is important for promoting best practices. Similarly, making connections to applications that cross disciplinary boundaries, from Middle School physical science to introductory physics for the life sciences to quantum information and engineering, is important for providing students with a broad view of STEM fields.

 This presentation will outline the tools and strategies used by the ComPADRE project to discover and highlight unique learning and teaching resources that have been created by many different individuals and teams. It will focus on quality resources developed through public and private funding of curriculum research and development efforts around the world. This includes education and outreach efforts of research teams help bring cutting-edge and cross-disciplinary topics to the classroom. Examples of collaborations with both science and education research efforts will be given.