Eyes on Screen: Communicating Science in the New Information Age

Sunday, February 21, 2010: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
Room 9 (San Diego Convention Center)
Data on information use patterns in the United States suggest that the screen now trumps the printed page as the favored information conveyer. Americans extract their science information predominately from television and the Internet and, although still heavily print-based, communication within the science culture is also rapidly transitioning to online platforms. While print channels will continue to serve as important homes for narrative, both popular and professional, media and science outlets are experimenting with delivering science information on screen in thoughtful and analytical ways. In this session, the panel will explore some of those efforts.
Sharon Dunwoody, University of Wisconsin
Lynne Friedmann, Friedmann Communications
Lynne Friedmann, Friedmann Communications
Dennis Meredith, Independent Consultant
Using Multimedia To Advance Your Research
Jane Stevens, The World Company
Audience, Schmaudience: Science Goes Social
Philip Bourne, University of California
Telling Research Stories Through SciVee
Robert Semper, Exploratorium
Supporting Scientists To Tell Their Own Story
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