Management and Governance in a Melting Marine Arctic: Challenges and Opportunities

Saturday, February 20, 2010: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Room 17A (San Diego Convention Center)
While Arctic warming has been front and center in the climate debate, much less attention has been devoted to managing accelerating human activity made possible by sea ice retreat within the context of a rapidly changing marine environment. The symposium will focus on international management and governance options that can best promote marine ecosystem resilience in the face of ocean warming, loss of sea ice, acidification, and the additional impacts of new hydrocarbon development, fishing, shipping, and tourism made possible by sea ice retreat. The panel will briefly review the existing international governance regime in the Arctic and offer a range of options for improving it, with a special focus on integrated, ecosystem-based management and mechanisms to maximize resilience in Arctic ecosystems and protect essential ecosystem functions.
Lisa Speer, Natural Resources Defense Council
Gabriela Chavarria, Natural Resources Defense Council
Lisa Speer, Natural Resources Defense Council
Oran Young, University of California
Lloyd Axworthy, University of Winnipeg
Perspectives on Arctic Oceans Governance: A View from Canada
Vladimir Golitsyn, Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Challenges and Opportunities for International Cooperation in the Arctic
Tom Laughlin, International Union for the Conservation of Nature
Governance Options for Implementing Ecosystem-Based Management
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